About Us (Quienes Somos)

We are a company that believes wine from Mexico is up there with the the best in the world. We will help you explore Baja California's, Parras, Querétaro and other Mexican wine country valleys, meet exclusive boutique vintners, learn more about them and their unique wines, and have hand-selected, affordable wines delivered straight to your doorstep. We are dedicated in bringing wine enthusiasts living in the US, affordable Vino from Mexico from top-quality, small producers that are dedicated to their unique terroir.

We have a unique Direct2U Model that permits us to have the best price of Wines from Mexico sold directly to you. We share profits with the vintners themselves, allowing them to grow and expand their wineries, while decreasing costs for consumers. Our model is a win-win model for all, vintners trust us, and clients will love that fact that their purchases will benefit Mexican Wine Vintners in general.

You know our Food, Tequila & Beer, You'll love our Wine !

As much as we love Baja Wine and Mexican Wine in general, we know that as an American wine consumer you may often find yourself shying away from trying new wine from an unknown country (But rest assured, Mexico has one of the oldest wineries in the American Continent and the proximity, for example, of Baja to Napa, grant us many great conditions you will be happily surprised).

Because we know just how wonderful Vino from Mexico is, we also know it can be confusing and daunting - our aim is to make these wines more accessible. Demystifying Vino from Mexico is about breaking down the barriers of access and understanding. We think it should be as easy as knowing what you like and telling us what you're looking for. Our aim is to be your personal guide, and through the tools on our site we can help you select the wines that best correspond to your unique tastes or occasion. Because the best way to learn about wine is drinking it, we help take the guesswork out of ordering and bring the wines straight to you.

Vino from Mexico is enjoyable, not pretentious, and very good quality, as you can see through the names and the label or the price tag. So bringing you affordable, excellent value wines is an equally important part of our commitment.

Vino from Baja, Parras, Queretaro and Mexico in General

All our wines are hand‐sourced from independent producers that represent almost 40% of all wine production in Mexico. Mexico only produces about 1.6M cases a year, creating high quality, not mass production.

While the range of vintners is diverse, all of them were chosen because they share a common approach to quality winemaking. But more importantly, each and every one is dedicated to their terroir with a spirit all their own, that tells its unique story through their wines.

In addition to bringing you the best Wine from Mexico and the Baja region at an affordable price, it is also those stories we want to share, because a bottle of wine is so much more than just a drink. Throughout our time making these selections and getting to know our vintners, we saw all the passion they put into the production of their wines, which in turn was a reflection of their roots, their history, their terroir and their unique personality.

Through our website, we aim to bring you face-to-face with the vintners behind our wines. It is our pleasure to shares those stories, those encounters and those places with you.

We hope you'll enjoy your ongoing exploration of the world of Vino from Mexico and the quality selections we bring you.

As we say in Spanish - "Toma mucho vino, que tomando, se aprende! ... y que te lleve un amigo.” (Drink a lot of wine, and by drinking much, you start learning!, and remember, have a friend drive you home).


BajaWines, LLC (Vino from Mexico) was founded in Mexico City, San Diego, CA and in Ensenada Baja California, Mexico in 2010.

We source, export, import, help vintners distribute and promote Vino from Mexico in the U.S. market, and our company’s focused on-line, social network approach utilized throughout our other businesses, bring the world of Mexcian Wine alive for US living consumers using modern technology and communication techniques.