Direct To Trade Sales (DTT)

Attention California, Florida, Illinois and New York Restaurants and Retailers!

You may now order our wines at wholesale cost and have them shipped direct from our warehouse to your door. To get our pricing list and purchase wholesale products:

To sign up for a trade account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Email Us Here

For additional questions email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Direct-to-Trade

  • How is it that you are able to sell DTT (Direct to Trade) to out-of-state accounts?
    We are part of a 3rd partyDirect-to-Trade (DTT) program which is a California company that helps us sell wine direct to both trade accounts and consumers through use of technology and marketing expertise.
  • What is your (DTT) program?
    We are allowed to sell direct to trade accounts, restaurants and retailers, without having to use a distributor. It allows trade customers to order wine online or via phone directly from the store, both legally and in full compliance with participating state rules and regulations.
  • How can you sell legally in each state without having to use a distributor?
    In states that require a three-tier partner, our 3rd Party Company has relationships with the appropriate wholesale partners who submit the necessary paperwork and pay excise taxes on a winery's behalf. Their wholesale partners typically do not take physical possession of the product in the three-tier states in which the DTT program is currently active. In self-distribution states - for wineries that are licensed as a bonded winery - and that meet other possible state requirements (such as a volume cap), a wholesale partner is not required.
  • So, who am I buying from, you or the 3rd Party?
    In our DTT program, trade accounts are buying directly from us, or from one of our 3rd Party's wholesale partners.
  • How does the purchase process work?
    You will send us your business’ beverage license number and indicate the state in which you are doing business. You may then send us your order. With the validation of your licor license, the designated business shipping address is identified, to which all orders placed may be delivered. You are now able to purchase.
  • Is a credit card the only way to make the purchase?
    Yes, you must pay with a credit card for online sales. The advantage to a credit card include terms from the credit card provider, possibly “points” on your credit card loyalty program, and expedited order processing. An ACH payment choice is in our future plans.
  • Who ships the wine? How long does delivery take?
    Today, all wine is delivered by common carrier. Check with us directly for specific delivery information.
  • How do I place a reorder?
    Send us your re-order by e-mail.



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Mexican food has gained a lot of attention in the states and it is well liked. Mexican beer and spirits are all the rage because of their quality, care and artisanal craftsmanship. The same goes for our wine, especially from our main wine regions like Baja California, Parras and Queretaro, which make wine comparable to Napa and many other mediterranean regions in the world. Until now, no quality Vino from Mexico from small vintners have been sold in the US. Not anymore! Get them here directly or visit the evergrowing restaurants that are carrying our wines.

Now you can enjoy fine Vino from Mexico!